Friday, June 18, 2010

Everyone needs a Key holder

This is the vision I had in mind for my colourful drawings as I was creating them.  I like things to have a purpose as well as being pretty and cheery so that's what the challenge was, to incorporate my pencil drawings into these key holders.  I loved this challenge and the ideas came very easily once I set myself on the right track, that's what being an artist is all about and you discover so much about you.

I found it difficult to shoot these, I couldn't seem to find the right angle or lighting to display it's true function and brightness (I always see things differently in my mind) but I think you will get the idea.

It was also challenge to find a printer who could get the colour just the way I wanted it with the right paper but that's the fun part, trying new projects and learning so much more than just a new drawing technique.  It's the journey, right, not the destination.

Now I have to figure out how I will ship them from my Etsy shoppe.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We All Need Growth

This is drawing number four if you don't count the colourful page of polka dots I did for bookmarks, now that was fun.  The tricky part is trying to print them, I find it very difficult to match the intensity and richness of the pure coloured pencil, this is my undoing as it frustrates me to no end, I may have to  engage the assistance of an outside source.

I have been trying to create an original drawing a week, it's not as easy at it sounds but I think if you make it fun...well that's half the should be fun, for the viewer as well as the creator.  This one is for all the gardeners out there...myself included.