Thursday, May 20, 2010

From My 'Home' to yours

Drawing number three came very easily, again the idea was in my head when I woke up one morning, I love when that happens it's so exciting I can hardly wait to get it down on paper.  I was asked recently what medium I've's coloured pencil, that's what I do I think it's just great when people think it's paint, that means I've achieved my goal..  I wanted to see if it was possible to achieve bright, intense colours blended and merged with each other...they worked perfectly and something you can't see is the shiny wax finish...just lovely.  Coloured pencils continue to amaze me and that's no small feat considering I've been using them for over 25 years.

This is going to be a key holder, I think appropriately, I will show you when it's complete.  I was so excited to show you the finished drawing I couldn't wait.  It will soon be a card as well.

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