Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My First Artful 'Love'


I've been wanting to change up my drawings a little, to use more colour and to have my drawings be more whimsical and free.  It's something I've been thinking about for quite a while now and is very different from anything I have done in the past.

I'm not sure that I have the colour calibrated just right but I'll work on that, the letters should be more of a deep fuchsia, it could be my computer.  I love the way my colours turned out and I know these drawings will evolve as I explore more colour.

It's very interesting to me how some colours blend a little easier than others, are more greasy and intense in their hue but that's what I'm attempting to discover with the colourful journey...this Artful Room.

In future posts I'll tell you about my carpal tunnel problems, my thumb going numb from using the pencil for long periods and things you can do to help alleviate.

These drawings measure 7.5 x 7.5 in which I used Prismacolor coloured pencils on smooth Strathmore drawing stock.  I planning to reproduce these as cards, prints and something else that I'm still working out the details on so you will just have to pop back to see for yourself at a later date.

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